Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bobbn' N Noddn'

At a Business Briefing (we don't call it a 'meeting', because no one wants to go to a 'meeting'), there is a specific etiquette.
1. Half Butt rule (sit on the front of your seat)
2. Bob and Nod your head to show agreement and excitement
3. Laugh at the jokes you've heard every week
4. Take notes, but don't look down
5. Clap extra loud to make up for the prospects in the room that aren't clapping
6. If someone starts talking give them a really dirty look, they could be distracting your most important prospect ever
7. Wear deodorant, the music can really get going, and you'll want to be prepared to dance
8. If you ride a bike to the BB you should take your helmet off so that everyone behind you can see. I didn't think about this until after being to 6 meetings, then my upline asked me to take it off.

When I took it off and she saw my black hair she said that I should dye it blonde, because black is 'unapproachable'. So tonight I will become a blondy so that I can be more successful.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Prospect Scavenger Hunt

Since I got kicked out of the local mall, we had to go to the next closest mall to do the "Prospect Scavenger Hunt". It was AWESOME! It really got me out of my comfort zone.

How to play Prospect Scavenger Hunt:
1. Make a list of random things about people ie; woman in a blue dress, man with a mustache, poor person, cell phone sales clerk (they are always the record breakers in Network Marketing), 3 people in Banana Republic (there are always sharp people in there), etc.

2. Go to the mall and make contact with as many people on the list as you can.

This was so scary at first, the first person laughed at me and told me it was a scam and something about calling security. I ran to a table in the back of the food court and cried. My trainer found me and reminded me "Some will, some won't, so what, move on". So I jumped back in, next on my list was the cell phone clerk.

Me: You look like a sharp guy, ever wanted to have additional income?
Him: Yeah.
Me: I have a DVD that explains how you can make this happen, can I call you and see what you think about it?
Him: Sure
Me: Oh, great, you're going to love it! Here you go.

I left without getting his number, but my number is on the DVD so I'm sure he'll call.

I was so excited to get through the rest of my list! All of a sudden a security guard approached, with my trainer in restraints and told me I had to leave immediately. I guess doing a business seminar over the intercom at Macy's isn't allowed. I don't understand why not, it's like the mall is against allowing people to achieve their wildest dreams.

On the way out we accidently dropped hand fulls of business cards all over the floor. I dropped over 100 so I know at least 10 will call, (the 10% rule). So, in the end it was a success. Some exposures are better than none!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The SECRET Blows my Mind!

If you haven't ever watched The Secret you haven't started living. I was reborn this past week after watching the secret, I have committed myself to watching it first thing when I wake up and then right before I go to bed. Someone told me that if I do that ALL my dreams will come true. I have started 'visualizing' my Pink Hummer and picking out what helicopter my husband will look best in.

Sticky notes every where!!! I got a pink pad of sticky notes and drew a picture of my Hummer and stuck them on my front door (both sides), bathroom mirror, under the toilet seat (that one always really reminds me, and then I have a few moments to sit in quiet and focus on visualizing), on my car dash, in my fridge, above my sink, and I made a necklace with a toy hummer, that I spray painted pink, and I will wear it everyday until I get my Pink hummer.

I ordered the vinyl lettering to go on it that says "Mommy Millionaire". So, not only am I visualizing but I have taken 'action'!

I ran out of people to call, so I'm just focusing on building my list right now. My motto right now is "Some will, some won't, so what, move on."

THE SECRET'S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE! Move over world, here I come!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Questions with a DUMB FACE!

Out of this WORLD training last night!

I have been wondering how to overcome objections and low and behold last night was the answer to all my questions.

Objections are just reasons people actually should DO the business.

When someone says, "I don't have the money to sign up".

You say, "Don't have the money?" and look at them with a dumb face, making them feel dumb.
Then they will sign up, because they will realize that if they don't even have the money to sign up then they really NEED to do this business.

Them: "I need to check with my spouse"

You: "Check with your spouse?" -Dumb face- Their spouse would thank them for getting their own business!

Them: "I'm going to Africa on a mission and this business is against my religion."

You: "Going to Africa on a mission and this business is against your religion?" -Dumb face- Obviously they need to change religions if getting rich is against theirs, and then they wouldn't be going on a mission.

Them: "My husband is a billionaire, I don't like your business, get out of my house."

You: "Your husband is a billionaire, you don't like the business, get out of your house?" -Dumb Face- This would probably never happen, but if you know a billionaire, they are sure to have an incredible amount of contacts of sharp people. Make sure you get their list! It's all about networking.

Practice your dumb face in the mirror. You want to make sure you can make them feel dumb enough to sign up and still look professional at the same time.

Do what you love and never work a day in your life!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


It’s been a crazy week. My team quit. Tami’s husband got accepted to Harvard Law School and they have to move. I spent 4 hours at her house trying to explain to her that she could make way more money with Xui Amquinox than her husband ever will in law. Plus, who wants all the student loans when you could just pass out DVD’s, talk to people at the grocery store and become a millionaire?!!!

She eventually told me that she never wanted to do it in the first place; she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings when I offered to pay the $300 entry fee and monthly customer fee. She said she just wanted all the free products and if I was going to sign people up for her then ‘why not’.

Some people just don’t get it.

Now she's going to end up just working part time to put her husband through school, with her kids in Day Care all day and living paycheck to paycheck. Only the top 1% of people in law school actually make enough to pay off their student loans. So, GOOD LUCK, you're going to need it. Quitters never WIN. Once a quitter always a quitter. I don't want quitters on my team anyway. I'm a WINNER!

I took a few days off to work on personal development. Now I’m at a level 10 and ready to ‘SIZZLE’!

I’m sure I’ll make enough this week to pay me Dad back the money he loaned me for my sign up and Tami’s sign up fee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Team Cheer

When I was at convention different teams had the coolest cheers. Anytime someone from their team crossed the stage a whole section would yell out things like;

Shark Shark!

Sometimes the person on the stage would yell, "Get Paid" and the crowd would respond "DAILY!!!".

Another one was, "UP" (person on stage) "and to the RIGHT" (crowd)

"Got"... "Freedom"(crowd)

Then of course..."Show me" Crowd, "THE MONEY!!!"

The cheers supercharged the energy and helped everyone's commitment level go straight to a level 10 or even higher. So I've decided to start my own team cheer.

It will be "Ninja"...."Power" (crowd) Our cheer will stand out though, we'll all do a Ninja move like a kick or a karate chop.

I can't wait 'til I'm standing on stage and say "Ninja" and I then hear half of the stadium yell back in unison "Power". Maybe I can get them to play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle them song while our team is walking across stage, that would be AMAZING!

Ninja's are so strong, brave, determined, they do whatever it takes to overcome their obstacles. If me and my team (hi Tami) can be like a pack of Ninja's then we can achieve all the success in the Whole World! You've never seen a poor Ninja before, they don't ever have to clock in, or ask for a bathroom break. I'm a Ninja!!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motivation from Troop Beverly Hills

MAKE IT BIG! "Have a little faith in yourself, and everything that you do."

This is an amazing idea. I'm totally going to get a group together and do a performance at the college to recruit all the awesome college students!